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Fossil Energy

Coal, HFO, Diesel or Gas...Fossil Fuel powers 70% of US generation assets. Link has operated, maintained and managed at all levels all type of fossil generation. From simple & combined cycle combustion turbines, steam turbines, LINK provides consulation services to total facility management solutions for fossil generation in the domestic US and global market.

Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB Link Resources International Energy Consulting SDVOSB Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB

Energy Professionals Delivering Incomparable Solutions, Consultation, and Strategy.


Navigating the evolving need for "Sustainable" demands perspective...and Link delivers.


From the Plant to the Boardroom, Link Navigates the Connectivities.


More Sustainable Energy, BioEnergy, SMR/Nuclear, CCGT, Cleaner Coal, or.. we've walked-the-walk.


Control Room Renewables & Bio-Energy Global Experience Sample Link Projects
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Energy Consulting, Strategy, and Engineered Solutions

  • Link as part of a Teledyne Brown Team wins Strategic Consulting Contract with TVA
  • Link submits response to DOE EERE Special Notice re: Weatherization
  • Link submits response to DOE Sources Sought: re: Offshore Wind
  • Link discusses partnering re: upcoming DOE Idaho Nuclear Energy Consulting
  • Link discusses teaming re: DOE Appliance Efficiency Sources Sought
  • Link as a part of the ICF International Team awarded USTDA IDIQ
  • Link as part of a Navigant Consulting Team wins a Navy e-Seaport contract
  • Link expands consulting work at Permatherm, a leading building energy efficiency supplier
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Link Resources SDVOSB Energy ConsultingLink Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting

Operations and Maintenance of Fossil Energy facilities is not going to decrease in need regardless of Renewable Energy. LINK stands ready to provide governments, utilities, and IPPs answers for complicated questions regarding compliance, efficiency, and technology. Whether syncing tech with technicians or managing total megawatt output, LINK provides leadership and answers.

Link Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting Operations and MaintenanceLink Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting

Efficiency, Reliability, and Consistency can't be achieved without an organized set of processes and a competent staff...well trained and multi-skilled. From standardized rounds to PM schedules and Predictive maintenance tasks, LINK understands all the critical path tasks...and how to execute them. HR, Admin, Supply, Environmental, are integral in ensuring a well managed Plant Operations and Maintenance department. LINK has created succesful O&M Teams for energy facilities in some of the most remote and culturally challenging environments in the world.

Link Resources SDVOSB Energy ConsultingLink Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting

Fossil energy facilities unhampered by the regulations of their nuclear brother have traditionally embraced leading edge technologies. Remote monitoring and control of units, performance monitoring and diagnostic centers to preempt maintenance events, electronic rounds to standardize operator function, alarm management to control operator overload, flexibility of task with multi-skill staffs…Operations and Maintenance technology and process evolutions demands the engaged understanding LINK provides.

Link Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting Health and SafetyControl Room

OSHA Regulatory impact on a US Domestic Energy Plant is tremendous. Not only the initial cost of equipment, but the administrative tasks which create auditable historic records which must be maintained. These tasks from the critical to the mundane must be understood and completed because ignorance of the law is not an excuse with OSHA. LINK helps clients identify compliance gaps thru system, process, and record analysis then provides total compliance action plans with the personnel to help implement it. Clients in compliance...with LINK!

•Safety Audits & Analysis
•Safety Procedures
•OSHA VPP [Voluntary Protection Program Certification]
•Safety PM Program
•Site & Personal Safety Equiment
•Safety Records Management

Link Resources SDVOSB Energy ConsultingControl Room

OSHA VPP, 6 Sigma, Maintenance Process, Multi-skill Training…complex processes require experience to train and implement in a power plant. From audits and analysis of current process to implementing processes that necessitate a culture change, LINK has integrated the most complex systems in the most challenging environments and locations globally for over 18 years.

Link Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting

•LINK Corporate Capabilities Statement

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