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Energy Plant Management

Managing, operating, and maintaining today’s evolving fuel and technologically complex power plants demands the best. Over the past 20 years, Energy Plant Management has been at the core of Link’s domestic and international experience. From conduct of operations, equipment condition management, efficient procedures, to HR, admin, health & safety, and training, LINK has built it's reputation on building, commissioning, and operating complex energy facilities and streamlining the corporations that own them. From green field construction, thru startup and commissioning to long term operations, Link has the energy plant lifecycle experience to understand the technologically demanding area inside a 21st century energy plant.

Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB Link Resources International Energy Consulting SDVOSB Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB

Energy Professionals Delivering Incomparable Solutions, Consultation, and Strategy.


Navigating the evolving need for "Sustainable" demands perspective...and Link delivers.


From the Plant to the Boardroom, Link Navigates the Connectivities.


More Sustainable Energy, BioEnergy, SMR/Nuclear, CCGT, Cleaner Coal, or.. we've walked-the-walk.


Control Room Renewables & Bio-Energy Global Experience Sample Link Projects
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Energy Consulting, Strategy, and Engineered Solutions

  • Link as part of a Teledyne Brown Team wins Strategic Consulting Contract with TVA
  • Link submits response to DOE EERE Special Notice re: Weatherization
  • Link submits response to DOE Sources Sought: re: Offshore Wind
  • Link discusses partnering re: upcoming DOE Idaho Nuclear Energy Consulting
  • Link discusses teaming re: DOE Appliance Efficiency Sources Sought
  • Link as a part of the ICF International Team awarded USTDA IDIQ
  • Link as part of a Navigant Consulting Team wins a Navy e-Seaport contract
  • Link expands consulting work at Permatherm, a leading building energy efficiency supplier
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Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSBLink Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB

When Link formed in 1994, deregulation was a key market driver of growth, mergers, and acquisitions. Today "Greener" energy (and we include next-gen nuclear) is fueling growth and innovation in the energy industry. LINK's added-value in today's energy market centers on four areas:

Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSBLink Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB

This is an attractive alternative for some clients who are having difficulty enacting positive change in their organization. A "new" operator is often inherently in a better position to leverage improved relationships with vendors, employees, and other stakeholders. In such a role, LINK would develop its Transition Plan focused on achievement of the client's objectives, and would base its compensation on achievement of Key Performance Indicators.

Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSBLink Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB

"Greener" technologies cover an exceedingly wide spectrum - - beyond wind and solar of course to include biofuels, gasification of wastes, biomass-to-energy - - and even cleaner-coal and nuclear (e.g. SMRs) can be considered as greener. LINK not only understands the various technologies and the relative sustainability of each from a life-cycle perspective, but also has hands-on experience.

Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSBLink Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB

The economics of a large number of highly-leveraged energy facilities have changed, resulting in costs and revenues out of sync with their pro formas. Fuel availability and cost volatility make decisions difficult. While many owners are considering the sale of these distressed assets, buyers are not yet seeing fire-sale prices. LINK assists clients in assessing operational, process, and people risks versus opportunities inherent in energy facilities. LINK can act in an advisory role, or can assume full accountability for the desired outcomes. LINK’s experience is an upfront risk mitigation strategy to counterbalance the complex factors in assessing the overall economics of a facility acquisition.

Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSBLink Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB

OSHA Regulatory impact on a US Domestic Energy Plant is tremendous. Not only the initial cost of equipment, but the administrative tasks which create auditable historic records which must be maintained. These tasks from the critical to the mundane must be understood and completed because ignorance of the law is not an excuse with OSHA. LINK helps clients identify compliance gaps thru system, process, and record analysis then provides total compliance action plans with the personnel to help implement it. Clients in compliance...with LINK!

•Safety Audits & Analysis
•Safety Procedures
•OSHA VPP [Voluntary Protection Program Certification]
•Safety PM Program
•Site & Personal Safety Equiment
•Safety Records Management

Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSBLink Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB

Most energy facilities are searching for cost reductions and performance improvements in an already lean environment, with workforces that are often less than motivated - - and with minimal capital investment. Whether its syncing technology with process, developing the team, or building operational process infrastructure, LINK provides clients an understanding of the many options for performance or cost improvement that are correct for their facility combined with the ability to implement these across a diverse workforce.

Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB

•Sustainability for Utilities
•Sustainability for Business and Industry
•Asset Management
•Organizational/Facility Assessment
•Distressed Assets
•Transition Planning
•Transition Management
•M&A Planning

•LINK Corporate Capabilities Statement

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