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Energy Plant Decommissioning

Nuclear, Coal, HFO, Diesel, and Gas power plants all eventually come to the end of their lifecycle. LINK provides consulation services to help clients create a plant specific plan that meets their needs and help to navigate the regulatory labyrinth associated with returning a Power Plant to green field.

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Link Resources SDVOSB Energy Plant DecommissioningLink Resources SDVOSB Energy Plant Decommissioning

Plant Decommissioning needs experienced support. Beginning with end of lifecycle strategy development to developing task lists for engineering, permitting, regulatory compliance as well as deconstruct activities that meet budget and timelines. LINKs comprehensive energy technology experience provides our clients the strategic view from multiple fuel and technology backgrounds to concentrate on any type of plant…Nuclear, Coal, Fossil, or Renewable…LINK has the background to provide the right answers…Today!

Environmental, Hazard, and Risk Assessments help to guide strategic planning for Decommissioning activities. LINK has proven processes that remove the “Surprise” factor that often hampers projects. Comprehensive evaluations of plant site conditions and the historical records that match each, helps identify legacy environmental and regulatory compliance issues which LINKs proven experience, can provide effective mitigation strategies.

Link Resources SDVOSB Nuclear Power Plant DecommissioningLink Resources SDVOSB Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning

Decommissioning a Nuclear Power Plant offers the most complex and unique environmental situations as end of life strategies are developed. Strategic development begins long before final plant shutdown. LINKs staff has a core of Nuclear Industry professionals from Nuclear Power Company CEOs to Nuclear Navy Vice Admirals, LINKs experienced staff has been at the forefront of the nuclear power industry Nuclear Power for the past 30 years and today, provide our clients with unique perspective that no other Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business can!

Link Resources SDVOSB Decommissioning RegulatoryLink Resources SDVOSB Decommissioning Regulatory

Regulatory impact on a Decommissioning Power Plant Project is tremendous. Not only the cost of equipment, but the administrative tasks which create auditable historic records which must be maintained. These tasks from the critical to the mundane must be understood and completed because ignorance of the law is not an excuse for non-compliance. LINK helps clients identify compliance gaps thru system, process, and record analysis then provides total compliance action plans with the personnel to help implement it. Clients in compliance...with LINK!

Energy Consulting SDVOSB Decommissioning Strategy PlanningLink Resources SDVOSB Energy Plant Decommissioning

Nuclear, Coal, and large power plants in general all eventually come to the end of their lifecycle. LINK provides consultation services to help clients create a plant specific plan that meets the customized needs of the client.

  • Design/operational reengineering: development of technical understanding of multiplicity of generation trains, control systems, redundancies, operational complexities, maintenance requirements, safety and environmental risks, and so forth;
  • Decommissioning: this is a concept with both narrow and broad interpretations: at one end of the spectrum it may assume the plant will be restarted at some point; at the other end it assumes a permanent shutdown; other aspects of decommissioning include short and long term “mothballing” with an intention of restart, and/or leading to the much broader definitions of valuation, permit/regulatory management, risk evaluation/mitigation (including safety and environmental which may include decontamination), deconstruction, remediation to brownfield or possibly back to greenfield siting, repurposing, and dispositioning of human and soft resources;
  • Valuation: typically facilities are valued by market value as-is, liquidation value, and/or real estate value; this may require extensive assessment in some cases, or when the plant has minimal market or real estate value, the effort may be much less so; valuation may also an understanding of the
  • Permit/Regulatory/Legal Management: various operating, occupancy, incorporation, or environmental permits may require modification or cancellation and new permits may potentially be required; yet also decommissioning may trigger WARN Act notifications or require attention to Civil Rights Acts, Americans with Disability Act, Age Discrimination, Older Workers Benefit Protection, and potentially comparable State legislation. 
  • Deconstruction: the systematic dismantlement of a facility, and removal of components, waste removal, sale of components with value, environmental remediation to minimal or optimal levels;
  • Resource Dispositioning: plant decommissioning almost always entails multiples of: personnel reassignment and relocation, layoff, seniority juggling, negotiations with organized labor, severance, job-hunt benefits, managing employee uncertainty and mitigating associated risks, cancellation of vendor contracts, insurance modifications, and public relationship management with local governments, local communities, and broader stakeholders, etc.;
  • Lessons Learned: collection of lessons learned and transfer to other facilities facing decommissioning.

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