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The labyrinth of Renewable & Bio-Energy decisions…application, technological evolution, site location, fuel availability, market entry strategy, project feasibility, operations, utilities impact… needs the comprehensive technology vision that only LINK can provide. Although experienced...single fuel players are hampered by technological blinders, preventing them from viewing the total market impact and opportunities available. LINK provides clear renewable energy vision, helping to develop the right project with a wide angle…Experience.

Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB Link Resources International Energy Consulting SDVOSB Link Resources Energy Consulting SDVOSB

Energy Professionals Delivering Incomparable Solutions, Consultation, and Strategy.


Navigating the evolving need for "Sustainable" demands perspective...and Link delivers.


From the Plant to the Boardroom, Link Navigates the Connectivities.


More Sustainable Energy, BioEnergy, SMR/Nuclear, CCGT, Cleaner Coal, or.. we've walked-the-walk.


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Energy Consulting, Strategy, and Engineered Solutions

  • Link as part of a Teledyne Brown Team wins Strategic Consulting Contract with TVA
  • Link submits response to DOE EERE Special Notice re: Weatherization
  • Link submits response to DOE Sources Sought: re: Offshore Wind
  • Link discusses partnering re: upcoming DOE Idaho Nuclear Energy Consulting
  • Link discusses teaming re: DOE Appliance Efficiency Sources Sought
  • Link as a part of the ICF International Team awarded USTDA IDIQ
  • Link as part of a Navigant Consulting Team wins a Navy e-Seaport contract
  • Link expands consulting work at Permatherm, a leading building energy efficiency supplier
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Link Resources SDVOSB Energy ConsultingLink Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting"Green" technologies cover an exceedingly wide spectrum, beyond wind and solar of course, to include biofuels, gasification of wastes, biomass-to-energy - - and even cleaner-coal and nuclear (e.g. SMRs) can be considered as greener. LINK not only understands the various technologies and the relative sustainability of each from a life-cycle perspective, but also has hands-on experience.

Link Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting Bio EnergyLink Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting Bio Energy Plant

LINK has focused its efforts on a broad array of energy facilities and technologies over the past 15 years, and has provided millions of manhours of operational services to energy facilities. Solving the world's energy problems is likely one of the dominant issues facing us today. LINK is committed to being part of the Smart Solution, and we remain involved across the spectrum of alternative energies including biofuels and Small Modular Reactors, we are additionally focused on the energy efficiencies that can be gleaned from cogeneration and trigeneration as well as insulation as an important aspect of the smart solution.

Link Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting Waste Oil to Bio-DieselLink Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting

Biodiesel (mono alkyl esters) is a cleaner-burning and diesel fuel made from natural, renewable sources such as vegetable and animal oils. It has a very high energy balance of between 3.4 and 4.5 (depending on the feedstock used), compared to corn-based ethanol with approximately 1.3 and petroleum (mineral) based diesel of 0.86. Biodiesel also emits a fraction of the carbon and other pollutants when compared to mineral diesel. Although there has been considerable criticism of corn-based ethanol, we view it as a transitional fuel that will be eventually replaced by cellulosic ethanol and possibly algae-based biodiesel. These biofuels have the potential to displace all petroleum based transportation fuels while dramatically reducing carbon emissions.

Link Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting Cellulose to EthanolLink Resources SDVOSB Energy Consulting

Link was awarded a project to assist in the development and planning of a large cellulose-to-ethanol project using a strong-acid approach on Municipal Solid Waste feedstock. Link was also awarded EPC oversight (including pilot projects for particularly troublesome sub-systems), commissioning and long-term operations contracts for the yet-to-be-constructed plant. The complex plant included MSW sorting, drying, hydrolyzation and cellulose conversion, acid recovery, fermentation, and distillation. The plant utilized dried sewage sludge converted to steam via a fluidized bed boiler, and had several profitable byproducts such as typical MSW rejects (e.g. aluminum), CO2, soil treatment, and green fuel. Link’s assignments during the project period included oversight of the prime EPC contractor during engineering and procurement; Link’s prime focus was the constructability and the operability of the processes and systems. Link also, in joint effort with Kvaerner, developed all O&M policies and procedures for plant equipment and systems

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